FFF 12: Even More Untamed Numbers

Fancy Fillomino February: This is a series of 28 (twenty-eight) 7×7 Fillomino puzzles over the February. Every 00.00 UTC+7 a new puzzle will be up. The basic Fillomino rules apply unless otherwise indicated.

Greater-Than Fillomino In addition to the regular Fillomino rules, the inequality signs on the grid must be satisfied by the two numbers sandwiching it.

Difficulty 4.0/10 Master target 1:30 Expert target 3:30

FFF 12: Even More Untamed Numbers
Greater-Than Fillomino

Remember the last puzzle? Sky now has even more untamed numbers; simple cages of 4 numbers don’t work.

4.0/10 and 3:30. Seems legit? Perhaps, since the trick is pretty weird but not that unexpected. But as always, the diff/time are my perception, affected slightly by testsolvers. Not that I have testsolvers for regular puzzle series though. Meh I need to send my puzzles for testsolve pretty often.


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