FFF 14: I and U…err…E and O

Fancy Fillomino February: This is a series of 28 (twenty-eight) 7×7 Fillomino puzzles over the February. Every 00.00 UTC+7 a new puzzle will be up. The basic Fillomino rules apply unless otherwise indicated.

Easy As FillominEO Follow regular Fillomino rules. A number outside the grid gives the first even/odd number encountered from that position going into the grid along the row/column. (Of course, if said number is even, then it’s the first even number, and if said number is odd, then it’s the first odd number.)

Difficulty 5.0/10 Master target 1:00 Expert target 6:00

FFF 14: I and U...err...E and O Easy As FillominEO

FFF 14: I and U…err…E and O
Easy As FillominEO

The story follows below, as it’s long.

Valentine’s Day! Well, it’s only 0 minutes since midnight, so I don’t know whether I’m going to get any chocolate or not. Also, I think today the girls are the ones that give gifts, while on 14 March the boys are the ones that give gifts. Dunno; Wikipedia doesn’t seem to have it (or it’s hidden inside the text but I couldn’t find it). Whatever; I don’t think I’ll be getting/giving chocolate for romantic relationships this year… *forever alone*

The theme is fitting. Diametrically opposite each other are 1 with 2 and 13 with 14. Everywhere given. Yay 😀 And yes, 6 minutes because this is a new type and is considerably harder than the previous. In my opinion, blahblahblah.

Anyway, here’s the story, longer than usual babbles in each puzzle.

13 February, 20.00
“Okay, I have chocolate. I need to resist the urge…to…eat…chocolate…”
“Darn Mew, if you really want it, you might as well buy more packs.”
“I don’t have enough Pokedollars you know.”
“I can lend some.”
“Lend? So I need to repay it?”
“…Well, not really, I’ll just ask for your help on something.”
“Help on something? No worry. Let’s go back to the mall!”

13 February, 22.00
“Hi Sky, it’s Mew!”
“Mew! It has been a long time. What made you to call this late? And do you know where Land is?”
“For your second question, Land should be walking home now.”
Indeed, at that moment, Land appeared at the front door, bringing a few shopping bags.
“And I guess you know where Land has been. We went shopping.”
“Okay, and the first question?”
“Hm, can I…err…come to your house tomorrow?”
“Sure, why not. What time?”
“Whatever convenient to you, although if I prefer, in the morning. I want to spend tomorrow with you~”
Sky was still oblivious. “Well, sure. Just come tomorrow; nine sounds good?”
“Yeah! See ya!”

14 February, 09.00
Someone knocked the front door. “Coming!” Sky said.
He opened the door to find Mew bringing a bag. “Hi Mew!”
“Hi Sky!” and Mew hugged him. “You remember what day is it today?”
“Uh, Thursday?”
“Not weekday.”
“14 February?”
Sky just realized it. “Valentine’s Day?”
“Yeah! Here’s a chocolate.”
“But this is so large!”
“Open it!”
Sky hesitated a bit, but then proceeded to open it on the table.
“A puzzle? You carved a puzzle on top of the chocolate?”
“Yeah! Why not?”
Sky looked at the puzzle and tried solving it. He was amazed with Mew’s puzzle. A really beautiful puzzle for him and an insane one too. “Mew, it’s a fantastic puzzle! Where did you get it?”
“…your draft puzzle? I asked Land to copy a page and I carve the resulting puzzle to the chocolate.”

Ok that was lame. Consider that as the result of not being in a relationship 😛 I need to socialize…


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