FFF 23: X5

Fancy Fillomino February: This is a series of 28 (twenty-eight) 7×7 Fillomino puzzles over the February. Every 00.00 UTC+7 a new puzzle will be up. The basic Fillomino rules apply unless otherwise indicated.

Liar Fillomino In addition to the regular Fillomino rules, exactly one given on each row/column is false. Which givens are false are up to you to determine.

Difficulty 2.5/10 Master target 0:40 Expert target 1:30

FFF23: X5
Liar Fillomino

Is there a specific reason necessary to make a puzzle highly symmetric and has many 5s? Sky said no.

Blah it feels a really deep cut when you’ve spent like an hour to schedule all of these posts, just to find out that they all disappear. Ugh.

Anyway. This one is inspired from Fillomino-Fillia 2’s Bottom Liar. The reasons why I put Cipher before Liar? Cipher is more well-known (easily adapted to many other puzzles containing numbers), Cipher appeared on FF while Liar appeared on FF2 (hence Cipher is earlier), and I can make Cipher better than Liar. Yeah.

Again, rawr. Stupid WordPress saving different drafts as the same.


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