Puzzle 56: Party Quadrants

Region Party Fillomino This is a hybrid of Clones Fillomino and Extra Region Fillomino. The two blue 3×3 grids are from Clones; they must be identical. The two red 3×3 grids are from Extra Regions; each of the grids must form another valid Fillomino grid.

Difficulty 3.5/10 Master target 2:30 Expert target 7:00

Puzzle 56: Party Quadrants
Region Party Fillomino

Yes, Sky is really inspired today. Why not?

Someone asked for a hybrid of some puzzle types appearing here, so here it is. A hybrid of two self-invented variations (or at least I haven’t seen them anywhere else before). I tried to include Tapa but it’s hard -_- Anyway, probably no more puzzles until end of April. Who knows? Let’s see.


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