Puzzle 57: Ridiculous Changes

Fillomino Operations Divide the grid into polyominoes. Fill each cell inside a polyomino by the size of the polyomino, after applying all mathematical operations it contains (multiplication/division before addition/subtraction). For example, a 5-square polyomino containing -3 and ×2 will have the number 5×2-3 = 7 on each of its cells. Polyominoes that contain the same number may not be orthogonally adjacent.

Difficulty 6.5/10 Master target 4:00 Expert target 12:00

Puzzle 57: Ridiculous Changes
Operation Fillomino

EDIT: VERSION 5 fajshnkkbkxmidcvger I hope it’s the last update. I’m pretty sure it has a unique solution, but my intended solution requires a really large-scale (as in the whole thing) deduction as the first step. And hence, the expert time is doubled. Whee.

Erm. So I lied and posted a new puzzle before April. This was made while I was doing chemistry finals (after completing it).

Yes, I believe that 6.5/10 is accurate for a 7×7 grid, but I didn’t give this to my testsolvers so I don’t know what the others think. I’m giving this now, and I’ll edit the difficulty/time later after getting responses.

If you find the rules hard to understand, I suppose I should post an example…

Also, did you notice Puzzle 28 and FFF 25 are redone? (The originals were broken and I gave up finding a way to fix them.)


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