Hidden Contest

Yes, yesterday was April Fools, and I tried to make it a “reverse hoax”. That “random puzzle” is not entirely random. If you haven’t found where you should put the answer key, then you’re just starting.

Also I found an ambiguity; I’ll fix it later.

On an unrelated note, I’m now on #PMD-Explorers group at deviantArt. Whee.


7 thoughts on “Hidden Contest

  1. OK, progress so far
    1. solved t***
    2. solved n*******
    3. found c******** l***
    4. found message ‘f**** f*** a******’
    5. Don’t know what it means
    6. Curl up
    7. Cry

      • I’ve reached a message “A**** F****”, is that the end? There is a lot of information that I haven’t used yet… maybe I skipped something or something….

        • Not the end yet. If you feel you’re stuck, start searching for more information. I believe the post with the character list is a good place to search in.


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