Anyone reading all my previous blog entries (like, since second half of 2012) should have known that I’m pretty much a furry. As in I have a fondness of furry animals/anthros/whatever.

Well, so now that you know it, what else?

First thing, or the less questionable thing. Unlike a majority of other furries, I can’t draw for heaven’s sake. Trying to offset this with my writing skills. Have you seen my deviantART account? (Yes, I can make avatars. Because I can somewhat do computer graphics. But that’s not drawing.)

Second thing…okay I’m putting my whole self-image at risk here, as this entry is also crossposted to my Facebook profile, and I don’t think any of my Facebook friends (except one that is not really on Facebook anyway) are furry, so things might get badly misinterpreted (read: nasty).

I find that I prefer anthros that are not clothed. (Ferals should always be unclothed; I find ferals with clothes weird.) Of course, I also prefer such furries to not convey any sexual image along with them, as in not containing anything probably offensive (e.g. genitals (wait what my phone doesn’t auto-capitalize after e.g. wut)

). See Sky, my character, for example. (Need to have picture of him 😛 ) Well, you might already know this fact if you know that my phone’s wallpaper is this Glaceon anthro
(sixth in Google Images when searching “glaceon anthro”, at least for my phone), although I doubt anyone can tell the reference.

(On a very minutely related note, did you know that Glaceon is my second favorite Pokemon now? Oh wait…)

Third thing. I know about public misconceptions about furries, where furries are equated to “people that enjoy watching animals having sex with each other” (which I also say utterly inaccurate, as besides missing a very large portion of actual furries, that definition includes biologists that are specializing in the mating patterns/habits of animals). I prefer scouring the interwebz for finding cute Pokemon—feral, anthro, otherwise—to be saved or to be my wallpaper/avatar/whatever. Yes, I do stumble on those offensive images at times, but I don’t pay more attention to it as any other uninteresting images. That also means I have a personal conflict when I see a cute image that is also “naughty” :< (Usually I tend to stay away from them.)


(If you ask, no, I'm not a brony. I know one that is, though. Not all furries are bronies.)

EDIT: Blargh the site hosting the Glaceon anthro doesn’t allow hotlinking. So I have that link to the post (as opposed to the image directly).


4 thoughts on “Furry

  1. Although this probably doesn’t surprise you, I have no issues with you being a furry, especially the part about the aversion to naughty stuff. I see where you come from on being worried about your image, though; a Christian furry forum I was on had the dubious honor of being featured on Something Awful, and I was just so afraid of what would happen to my image in the puzzle community (I had been bullied extensively in the past because of being a stupid old Christian who didn’t like people swearing), that I decided I had to just call myself out as a loser because that would make me look better if I made fun of my own notoriety than if other people found out first. The reaction was underwhelming, thankfully.

    In any event, as long as you are capable of writing good puzzles (and you have gotten much better at it over time), I’ll almost certainly always consider you a colleague in the puzzle community.

  2. Frankly, I don’t have a problem with you or Grant being “furries” , even if it seems to be internet law that you are ostracized for it. There’s much more horrible stuff than furryism(?) on the net, trust me.

    You and Grant are both good puzzlemakers, and that’s what matters to me. So we’re cool, furry or not.

    • I would hope you have no problems with me being furry, because it’s become enough a part of my online identity that I felt compelled to commission furry artwork for my blog’s banner and to title my Grandmaster Puzzles posts “From the Foxger’s Den”. However, I desire that the foxger is perceived more as a mascot than as me being a “furry”, because people love animals as long as they’re not associated with that yucky furry fandom that I refuse to associate with outside of very PG-rated contexts.

      That said, it is probably best for my professional image that any books and magazines containing my puzzles credit “Grant Fikes” and not “Grant Badger Fox” or especially something like “Furry McPony”. 🙂

  3. Well I do expect that people that regard me as a puzzle constructor don’t mind knowing that I’m a furry. I’m more concerned about those that know me as, well, me (my real name) that is “innocent” (the most innocent actually) in my class, not as chaotic_iak that makes puzzles; those people might read this blog as I link this blog to my Facebook profile.

    (Then again, I don’t think there is actually anyone among my Facebook friends (that I met in person, not online), that reads my blog regularly. 😛 )


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