Freedom Dive

Heh. Happy Hardcore.

Current favorite music genre: Happy Hardcore

Current favorite songs (all full versions, not including songs I haven’t found their MP3s):
1. xi – Freedom Dive (222 BPM, happy hardcore)
2. TOMOSUKE – Macuilxochitl (147 BPM, jazz-like thing)
3. Tatsh – HEAVENLY MOON (185 BPM, fast paced and perhaps happy hardcore too)
4. TOMOSUKE – Ergosphere (170 BPM, also jazz-like)
5. Mutsuhiko Izumi – Green Green Dance (165 BPM, country-rock-I don’t know)
6. P*Light – Poppin’ Showers (175 BPM, perhaps happy hardcore)
7. DJ Mashiro – Prismatic Lollipops (202 BPM, happy hardcore)
8. 3R2 – Hardcore Star (180 BPM, definitely happy hardcore)
9. DJ Mashiro vs 3R2 – Are You Ready (177 BPM, pop or something, maybe a hint of happy hardcore)
10. xi – Parousia (158 BPM, worship-like-thing)

As like my favorite Pokemon list, number one is leading absurdly far from the second and the third, which averagely tie. Fourth is not too far behind. The rest is pretty difficult to figure out, like I have about 16 songs that I’m not certain their order to occupy #5-#20… This may be revised later.


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