Puzzle 60: Insanity

Fillomino Potpourri Follow regular Fillomino rules. In addition, the following variations apply:

Snake: There exists a snake in the grid, occupying some of the cells. The snake is a non-touching path. The snake passes through all dark gray cells marked S.

Tapa: Some of the polyominoes are shaded. Note that a polyomino must either be shaded completely or not shaded at all. These shaded polyominoes form a Tapa wall. The wall obey the green Tapa clues: A set of numbers in a light green square with a dim T is a Tapa clue, which tells the blocks of consecutive cells that belong to the wall in the eight squares adjacent to it. Different wall blocks must be separated by non-wall cells.

Clones: There are two marked 3×3 matrices; one in the top-left quadrant and one in the bottom-right quadrant. These two matrices must be identical without rotations/reflections. This includes whether a cell is a snake segment and whether a cell is shaded (belong to the Tapa wall).

No-Rectangle: No polyomino is shaped like a rectangle (or square).

Difficulty 8.0/10 • Target times 06:00 10:00 30:00 2:30:00
Solution Answer (PNG, 8 kB)Solution (PDF, 295 kB)

Puzzle 60: Insanity

Puzzle 60: Insanity
Fillomino Potpourri

Whee. I don’t know why I want to put it as 8.0/10, but I’m very sure it’s fiendish. Also, the debut of solutions.

So. Yes, I finished finals. With pretty unexpected turn of events, but that’s for a later entry. Puzzle-related news.

First, this blog might turn to a mostly Fillomino blog, as I find that I love Fillomino much more than others. Of course, other genres will appear at times, but not as often as Fillomino. Also, usually, after I say something like this, Fillomino will become absent from the blog… 😛 Let’s see.

In a related news, I’m going to make a Fillomino variations booklet; or even more, a Fillomino variations pack. (If I have time. Making small 5×5 examples is easy in head; making usual 10×10 puzzles is hard.)

If it’s a Fillomino variations booklet, I will post my updates really often…like every day I work on it. Dropbox yay. If it’s a Fillomino variations pack though, expect it to be out on my birthday, 9 November. Yes, 7 months from now. Seeing too far? I don’t know.

(The two puzzle packs I promised a few months ago? They are abandoned. For Deception, I don’t know why I can’t get many interesting puzzles, so I only have enough for the previews plus the test itself. For the one with a story, I don’t know how I can make it without word-related puzzles.)

Next. Deception. It’s confirmed; 18-19 May. If I recall correctly, there is DASH5 on the same weekend, but all other weekends in May are full, so I don’t really have any choice.

Well… That’s it that I can remember.

EDIT: Added solutions (actual solution as in walkthrough). Why PDF’s size explodes is beyond my comprehension.

EDIT2: Wooo Word 2007 does a PDF conversion much better than a dedicated one. Word’s 295 kB vs PrimoPDF’s 2802 kB. No longer offering DOCX and ZIP.


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