Puzzle 60 Solution!

I’m not kidding. Puzzle 60 has the solution now.

Also, in accordance to mathematics’ terminology, “answer” refers to the solved puzzle while “solution” refers to the steps to solve the puzzle (or the “walkthrough”).

The PDF’s size bloats. I don’t know why. The zipped file is much smaller though; 167 kB compressed (by ZIP) versus 2802 kB uncompressed. (The DOCX which is used to generate the PDF is 214 kB.) I will always offer the PDF (compressed) and DOCX files, but this might be the only time I offer the uncompressed PDF file.

Anyway. Some time between now and two months later, I will start fixing all templates to puzzles; this includes providing the answer and solution to each puzzle. The solutions will probably take a long time…but expect answers to all puzzles to be published together as I finish fixing templates.


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