Puzzle 61: A Building of Fillomino

See-Through Fillomino Stack the grids in a proper order. Each grid is a valid Fillomino grid. In addition, there exists light blue squares with a small G; such square represents glass, and instead of a standalone number, the glass contains the number at the exact same position at the grid exactly below it. (If it’s another glass, then by definition it should also have some number that can be seen by the grid above.) However, all glasses at the first floor (bottommost grid in the stack) see nothing; they contain empty square.

Estimated difficulty 3.5/10
Master target time 02:00
Expert target time 05:00
Answer PNG (11 kB)
Solution Not yet present

Puzzle 61: See-Through Fillomino

Puzzle 61: A Building of Fillomino
See-Through Fillomino

Hm… Hard to explain, but not a difficult puzzle after you know how things work.

Expect another puzzle in 12 hours.


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