Puzzle 62: Totally Antisymmetric

Masyu Fillomino Draw a loop following regular Masyu rules. The loop passes through centers of squares and can only turn at centers of squares, and can only turn 90 degrees. It might pass some circles. Whenever it passes a black circle, it turns but doesn’t turn both before and after it. Whenever it passes a white circle, it doesn’t turn but turns either before or after it (or both). The remaining cells are to be filled with numbers following regular Fillomino rules; circles not passed by the Masyu loop becomes Fillomino clues.

Estimated difficulty 3.5/10
Master target time 02:00
Expert target time 05:00
Answer PNG (11 kB)
Solution Not yet present

Puzzle 62: Masyu Fillomino

Puzzle 62: Totally Antisymmetric
Masyu Fillomino

Opposite givens contain differently-colored circles and clues that add up to 4 or 44. Yes, I’m insane. As betaveros put by chat, “holycrap”.

I’m having weird ideas now. First See-Through Fillomino, then Masyu Fillomino…

Yes, they all will appear in the Fillomino Variations booklet. I’m showing some of the weirder variations now. Of course, the sole purpose of the Fillomino Variations booklet is to inform variations of Fillomino. Not much puzzles there, besides entirely new mostly-5×5 examples. (If you want puzzles, you should have waited for Fillomino Variations puzzle pack.)


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