Deception Preview 1: Isolated Crowded Corners

Liar Slitherlink Draw a loop following the grid’s edges. A clue tells the number of edges of the square it’s contained in that belongs to the loop. In addition, every row and every column contains exactly one number that is false.

Answer key: Enter the lengths of the horizontal/vertical line segments in the row/column respectively. If there is a single 10-unit line segment or no line segment in the row/column, enter 0.

Difficulty 4.0/10 • Target times 02:00 04:00 10:00 30:00
Solution Answer key (highlight →) 211,2111PNG (not uploaded)ZIP of PDF (not uploaded)DOCX (not uploaded)

Deception Preview 1: Liar Slitherlink

Deception Preview 1: Isolated Yet Crowded Corners
Liar Slitherlink

First preview puzzle. Not much to say besides that this is the first one made for Deception. If I recall correctly this one lies in the middle of the Liar Slitherlink puzzles in terms of solution times, but of course personal experiences differ.


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