Deception Preview 2: A Chaotic Order of Circles

Semi-liar Masyu Draw a loop where all segments are parallel to the edges of the grid, turning only at cell centers. The loop must pass all circles. At a black circle, the loop must turn but may not turn at the squares exactly before it and after it. At a white circle, the loop may not turn but must turn either at the square exactly before it or after it (or both). In addition, every second circle that the loop passes has an incorrect color and should be the other color (white if it’s black and vice versa).

Answer key: Enter the lengths of the horizontal/vertical line segments in the row/column respectively. Enter 0 if there is none.

Difficulty 3.0/10 • Target times 01:30 03:00 07:30 20:00
Solution Answer key (highlight →) 211,6PNG (not uploaded)ZIP of PDF (not uploaded)DOCX (not uploaded)

Deception Preview 2: Semi-liar Masyu

Deception Preview 2: A Chaotic Order of Circles
Semi-liar Masyu

Second preview puzzle. Perhaps one of three or something puzzles that don’t have any certain theme.

*checks archive*

Well, seems like there are indeed only three that doesn’t have any theme, and only one will appear in the test. Whee. I have too high standards of aesthetics.


One thought on “Deception Preview 2: A Chaotic Order of Circles

  1. Liked this puzzle. Very good use of space. From looking at beginning it seemed that it will cover very small part but it almost covered all the squares. Enjoyed solving this puzzle.


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