Where Are The Cows?

We interrupt the Deception preview series for this random blog entry that might or might not help you with logic puzzles in general.

Where Are The Cows? is a logic maze. Just click the link and see. If you understand English, you should understand the maze and it becomes pure logic. Then again, all puzzle genres require some language to understand the basic rules, but whatever.

Well. That’s all. Feel free to go back to your Deception preview.

Oh, also, if you ask me (that haven’t solved it at the time of posting), here’s the “guide” for Where Are The Cows?:

Difficulty 8.5/10 • Target time 10:00 30:00 1:00:00 4:00:00

Take the above with a boatload of salt.

Also, I’m apparently addicted to Anti-Idle: The Game. Warning: Only begin playing the game if you know you have absolutely nothing to do for the next hour, and even then you will usually think about it (and fall back to play it) while you’re doing something else. A less time-consuming variant is Candy Box box box ! I-totally-don’t-know-how-to-stylize-it.


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