Deception Preview 5: Jumping Borders

Elimination Tapa Shade some cells black so the black cells form a tapa wall. No cell with a number or question mark may be shaded black. A cell containing a number tells the lengths of consecutive black cells adjacent to it; if there are multiple numbers, they must be separated (there must be at least one white square separating them). Question mark represents an unknown number. In addition, every cell with a number/question mark needs exactly one number/question mark removed before the actual set of numbers is obtained.

Answer key: Enter the lengths of the lines of black cells in the marked row/column. If the row/column has all/no black cells, enter 0.

Difficulty 3.5/10 • Target times 01:30 03:00 08:00 20:00
Solution Answer key (highlight →) 71,32PNG (not uploaded)ZIP of PDF (not uploaded)DOCX (not uploaded)

Deception Preview 5: Elimination Tapa

Deception Preview 5: Jumping Borders
Elimination Tapa

Fifth preview puzzle.

If you don’t get the title, note that the clues on the first row are at column 1 = 1, 3 = 1+2, 6 = 1+2+3, and 10 = 1+2+3+4. Similarly for first column. Last row and last column are just rotational symmetry.


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