Deception Preview 6: Wiggly Rooms

Surveyors Heyawake Shade some of the cells black. No two black cells may be orthogonally adjacent, and all white cells must form a single polyomino. No continuous line of white cells may span over two room borders. In addition, the following rules govern clues:

For clues inside the grid, each clue can tell either the number of black squares in the region it’s contained in, or the number of black squares adjacent to it (including the cell itself). It might be both.

For clues outside the grid, each clue can tell either the number of black squares in the row/column, or the length of some maximum continuous line of white cells (it cannot be extended, as in it is obstructed by either the grid’s edge or a black square; note that “maximum” doesn’t refer to the maximum length, but rather the nature of the line). It might be both.

Answer key: Enter the lengths of the lines of white cells in the marked row/column. If the row/column has all white cells, enter 0.

Difficulty 6.0/10 • Target times 03:00 07:00 15:00 1:00:00
Solution Answer key (highlight →) 12111,133PNG (not uploaded)ZIP of PDF (not uploaded)DOCX (not uploaded)

Deception Preview 6: Surveyors Heyawake

Deception Preview 6: Wiggly Rooms
Surveyors Heyawake

Sixth preview puzzle. Do you note that each of 2,3,4,5 appears exactly once in the grid and exactly once outside the grid? That was a theme, but a minor one. The major one is the obvious “wiggly” rooms everywhere, which is a pain to make with MS Excel.


4 thoughts on “Deception Preview 6: Wiggly Rooms

  1. I don’t know if this works in Excel, but in OpenOffice, I make a grid with thick borders everywhere, then select a rectangular area, right-click, and change the borders so the inner borders are thin, and the outer borders are unchanged. Then keep selecting areas and press Ctrl+Shift+Y. Even with your grid, though, that would take 80 operations. Yikes.

    • I drew the borders using the Draw Border tool, which allows me to select any line segment to draw a border with. Still painful; approximately the same 80 operations too. 😛 (After counting, there are 82 thick line segments, so 82 operations. Yeah, just off by two.)

    • Yes.

      By “maximum”, it means it cannot be extended. For example, in a line WWBWWWWWWW, a clue referring to the length can be either 2 (left line) or 7 (right line). Both lines cannot be extended. The clue cannot be 6 (squares 4-9), because said line can still be extended to the right. The clue doesn’t necessarily refer to the maximum-length line though, hence why it’s still possible for the clue to say 2.

      Yeah, tough rules. Sorry for the confusion. You did nice in the test anyway 🙂


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