Puzzle 64: Sunken Treasure

Battleships Put the given fleet to the grid so that no two ships are adjacent. Ships may be rotated, but not reflected. Ships may not be placed on blue squares (seas), and if there is a ship segment in the grid, it must be occupied by the exact same segment (same shape and orientation).

Difficulty 4.5/10 • Target times 01:00 02:30 07:30 20:00
Solution PNG (not uploaded)PDF (not uploaded)

Puzzle 64: Battleships

Puzzle 64: Sunken Treasure

E-mail me the treasure (4-letter word) to get a free puzzle request (of reasonable size, aka 10×10 for the usual genres that I post). Don’t spam me. Only 5 requests offered.

Hint: There are two words, or to be precise two 4-character strings. One is supposed to be a check whether you are in the right track (if you find it and it makes sense, you’re in the right track; the treasure is the other one).

Meanwhile, this might probably be the last puzzle for a while, while I’m going to fix all previous puzzle posts to follow the current template.


Hint 1: You don’t need to solve the puzzle in order to find the treasure.


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