Tiltmaze 1: The Plains

Tiltmaze using fundamental objects and walls.

Difficulty 2.0/10 • Target moves 23 moves
Solution Answer (highlight →) →↑→↓→↑←↑→↑→↑←↓←↑←↓←↑←↓→

Tiltmaze 1: The Plains

Tiltmaze 1: The Plains

So…yeah. First Tiltmaze. This thing has haunted me for a long time (I even remembered when I made a fairly complex puzzle involving some mechanisms interlocked together), but I procrastinated making its JavaScript applet for too long. So screw it and let’s post puzzles as images. (Also, I lost all previous Tiltmaze puzzles. These are purely new.) I always imagine these puzzles as puzzles that don’t exactly require the target moves to be achieved in order to “complete” the puzzle, because these puzzles mostly need global-scale logic, with the exact details not completely necessary. You’ll see an example when I start introducing a few more objects that allow fun tricks.

If you think you have a solution, you can always send me the solution for me to verify. By hand. So I usually won’t respond to solutions that don’t break the target moves. However, if you have a proof that the target moves is impossible, do send it too so I can check my solution too.

Also, Puzzle 1 has a solution. Puzzle 1 is intended for newbies at Fillomino as a “final boss” before being an average competition-style Fillomino solver. 😀


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