Tiltmaze 3: Sacrifices

Tiltmaze using fundamental objects, walls, cliffs, and boxes. And two balls. Both balls must be on goals at the same time to complete.

Difficulty 6.0/10 • Target moves 50 moves
Solution Answer (highlight →) ↓←↓→←↑←↑↓→←↑←↓→↑←↑→↑←↑←↓←↓←↑→↑→↓→↓←↓←↓←↓→↑←↓→↓→↑→↓

Tiltmaze 3: Sacrifices

Tiltmaze 3: Sacrifices

Who says size represents difficulty? Good luck cracking this puzzle.

Tiltmaze is in some way similar to Sokoban (and all other interactive puzzles). You should always begin by figuring out what the difficult points are. Better yet, divide the puzzle to parts and solve each separately. Afterwards, handle all the small details, making sure that you don’t screw yourself up.


One thought on “Tiltmaze 3: Sacrifices

  1. I love your puzzles a lot, am a big fan 🙂
    BTW, I’m just trying to build up a similar blog (still learning the good way of blogging though).
    Keep up the good work, thanks!


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