The 18th Pokemon type, as revealed in the trailer an hour ago. For obvious reasons I have to post it, even though this blog is mostly read by puzzle people and not Pokemon people. But whatever.

These Pokemon have been revealed to be Fairy-type:
– Sylveon
– Gardevoir
– Marill
– Jigglypuff

And I’m sure these Pokemon are also Fairy-type:
– Azumarill
– Wigglytuff

Also, Fairy-type is super effective against Dragon-type. This causes Dragon-type to be super effective to one type (Dragon-type) (assuming it is not super effective against Fairy-type, which will make Dragon vs Fairy ridiculous), but weak to three types (Dragon-type, Ice-type, Fairy-type). But heck, Normal-type is super effective to no type and weak to one type (Fighting-type), so this is probably not a big problem. Especially as Dragon-type Pokemon are mostly powerful.

Yay. I have absolutely no idea why I’m posting this.


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