So long

…without a post. Heh. Sorry. Too many programming stuff and playing games. I didn’t even finish the solution of Puzzle 2 yet. Perhaps it will be a good activity to fill in my free time at college. 😛 I do want the solutions to be all up and running, though, so let’s just hope that I get the motivation to do it instead of procrastinating and do something else. 😛

I have a tumblr! I will post random rambles there. I think I posted this somewhere:

“tumblr to WordPress is like Twitter to Facebook in my opinion. Twitter allows short status updates while Facebook allows longer status updates; WordPress will be my place for more serious posts and tumblr will be my place for less serious posts.”

…oops that’s paraphrased from my tumblr blog which none of you should have known before this. :/

I’m developing my site too. Yes, yet another remake. That will also contain a lot of my projects, including but not limited to crossposting puzzles there and developing my Alternate Universe to be more documented (hence allowing it to be more complex). This blog will keep being my blog, with all puzzles being posted; then again, I haven’t figured out how to implement a blog system to my site and I’m too lazy to use or something. I’m still going without any money out from my pocket, save for the cost of internet.

Alright, that’s enough update for now, I think. I might be participating at Indian Puzzle Championship (obviously as an unofficial participant); the “might” is because it’s hard to estimate my availability. But with the participation window of 48 hours, I think it’s 95% guaranteed that I’ll have time. So, expect my name on the scoreboard (it’s still scoreboard even if I’m not the top 20 or so) 😛


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