Puzzle 65: Abuse of the Rules

BWG Loop Draw a loop visiting all cells that moves only horizontally and vertically, and turns only at centers of cells. Between two circles of the same color (both black or both white), there may not be any turn. Between two circles of different colors (one black and one white), there must be exactly one turn. (The loop is free to turn on circles.) A gray circle stands for either black or white, and might be different for the two segments it’s adjacent to (it might act as black for one direction and white on the other direction).

Expected difficulty EasyAnswerComment/E-mail if you want a solution to be published

Puzzle 65: BWG Loop

Puzzle 65: Abuse of the Rules
BWG Loop

(image seems bad; click to view full image)

God how long has this blog been without puzzles. Here’s a quick puzzle to fix for that.

This puzzle is made in response to IPC 2013. When I first saw Black-White-Gray Loop, this is my first impression. Of course, it turns out that the author is not this wicked, but it’s a neat abuse nevertheless.

Meanwhile, I got rid of all sorts of time and difficulty numbers. Now the difficulty is only “easy/medium/hard/insane”. Much better, because I can’t estimate difficulty properly. Solutions are now demand-based; I will not work on any solution unless someone comments/e-mails/notify me in some way or I like the puzzle too much that I want to publish a solution by myself. Much better time management for me.

I have another puzzle published in about 8 hours; stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Puzzle 65: Abuse of the Rules

  1. Could you please post a picture of the answer? I keep breaking the puzzle and I want to know what error I keep making. Are you sure the puzzle isn’t broken?


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