Puzzle 66: Ring of Blocks

Fillomino Follow regular Fillomino rules.

Expected difficulty MediumAnswerSolution (196 kB)

Puzzle 66: Fillomino

Puzzle 66: Ring of Blocks

EDIT: Fixed ambiguity on top-right corner.

God how long has this blog been without puzzles vanilla Fillomino.

Well, yeah. I like Fillomino, but recent Fillomino puzzles I’ve published are all variants. Crazy variants, even. Here’s an attempt at making a vanilla Fillomino again. And yeah, now I’m using 16pt Century Gothic with 32px cell size. I’m not sure why I change the font so much; blame Will Shortz’s Puzzle Master Workout I think 😛

Speaking of crazy variants, remember Fancy Fillomino February? I’m going to do that again, only not on February, less puzzles, and crazier variants. Here’s a few genres of puzzles I’ve made, just as teasers: Operations, Liar Cipher, and Consecutive Rectangles. That’s not counting variants I made myself just for this series (not just reusing previous variants). Hyped up? See ya in end of October. Most likely the series will lead to my birthday.

Speaking of my birthday and puzzles. Remember Deception? Yes, I pretty likely will author another LMI test. I’m attempting for the test to be run on my birthday’s weekend; let’s see.


2 thoughts on “Puzzle 66: Ring of Blocks

    • It’s me. I spent quite some time tweaking that, but I still got it wrong 😦 R2C9 -> 5 seems to do the trick? I’ll testsolve it again when I’m up from bed 😛


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