First Days at KAIST

– It’s enjoyable.
– And it’s freaking huge. Walking from N16 (my dorm) to W2-1 (International Center, approximately 1 km) takes 15 minutes. My legs are going to be tired quickly…
– …there are stuffs here! Cheaper than prices outside KAIST. But then when you convert them to rupiah, it looks like usual price lol.
– The first session, Academic Info Session II (the first part is for exchange students only), is boring. Being blasted with cold air from the air conditioner, without sufficient leg covering (I wore shorts, not to be confused with shorts), adds insult to injury.
– The friends are fun! Meeting many friends. Seems like I’m going to have more foreign friends than Korean friends heh.
– Wi-fi in W2-1 hates my HTC. My HTC cannot pass the “Obtaining IP address” phase, but my Galaxy Tab easily passes it, connected to the internet. Gah.
– I should sleep lol


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