I have more this week (last Wednesday until now) than I ever have before last Wednesday, counting in any sensible measure (I use time spent for doing RP even though it’s a bit ambiguous).

Turns out that…

– Yes, I’m definitely a furry. :3

– I have a major interest in soft transformations: transformations to softness. So far I’ve found plush and fluff. :3 I wouldn’t say that this “major interest” is a “fetish” because it has sexual connotation (interests so much to cause sexual arousal), but I just really like it. Is there a word for that?

– I start writing the following emoticons much more often! (Space-separated) :3 x3 xD ^_^ ^w^ >_< >w< ~
(Ok that last one wasn’t an emoticon~)

– I (or at least Sky; pretend that Sky is writing this post) don’t mind sacrificing myself for happiness of friends…

Sky to a RP friend: You know, you’re too cute to be a disease x3 I think I don’t mind being infected […] if that means being like you, even if it costs my mind then.

…err, yeah.

– 80% of my roleplay moments are spent among three people in private chats to each. Among these, 30% is for a person that I only started roleplaying with since 2 days ago. x3

– I’m mostly passive, and can be extremely so. You know if you’re going to be attacked by a large snake? Sky stands still, just waiting for whatever that will happen. x3

– I enjoy listening to short stories being narrated “live”. This includes listening to a backstory of a complicated character (or probably complicated backstory to a character), and also watching a story being performed live (that snake one above is one of these).

– I’m not good at writing blog posts like this. :/


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