Puzzle 70: Mii~ >w<

Greater Than Fillomino Follow regular Fillomino rules. In addition, inequality signs appear on the grid; these signs must be satisfied by the numbers in the squares involved.

Expected difficulty HardAnswerComment/E-mail if you want a solution to be published

Puzzle 70: Greater Than Fillomino

Puzzle 70: Mii~ >w<
Greater Than Fillomino
(Here for plain version)

So, as a “natural” follow-up of my current interest on roleplaying, this is obligatory. All givens form either the emoticon ^^ or <3. I wanted to include =3 (equals sign and 3, effectively two horizontally adjacent 3’s) but if I can use only two emoticons why not. I didn’t want to figure out what happens with only one emoticon though, this by itself is already difficult to construct…

Hard, yeah. Because a few parts are hard. But if I’d use the average, this would be somewhere around medium, because the easy parts are easy. And the puzzle breaks down nicely into parts. *insert obligatory reference to vore*

So! This puzzle is a gift for an RP friend that is curious about puzzles. He solved Puzzle 1, a puzzle I believe to be “final test to see whether you advance from beginner to intermediate Fillomino solver”. Even though he clocked 2 hours, this is a fabulous achievement for someone with no prior experience of logic puzzles. And so I felt really guilty when testsolving the puzzle; I found the puzzle to have the mentioned hard steps. There are even parts where my best method is still trial and error to some extent (read: “what-if”s), but hey. Who cares about time. Let’s see whether the aforementioned RP friend can solve this :3

And finally, yeah. Mii~ >w<


2 thoughts on “Puzzle 70: Mii~ >w<

  1. Excellent theme — I wish I could think of themes like this…
    Clean and varied solve, too (for me), but susceptible to metalogic in a couple places.

    • Be a furry Be imaginative 😛

      The original draft had a 7-mino, until I realized it wasn’t unique because it could become a 8-mino and can’t fix it without breaking the theme 😛

      I never really cared about metalogic except probably for competition puzzles. If you want to use it, feel free to do so, but you lose the fun of finding a logical path through it.


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