Midterm. The word that many people hate. A week full of study and pressure. In most colleges, midterm counts at about 25-50% of the final score, with finals counting about 40-60% and the rest are attendance/homework/quiz/etc. Failing midterm means a maximum of about B, or C if you’re unlucky enough to hit the 50% midterm course…

The midterm for me is next week, 21-25 October. Although due to my choices of courses or probably just luck, I have no midterm on the last two days, giving a nice half-week holiday :3

What will I do to prepare for the midterm?

I won’t do much, actually. I’ll just learn a little bit more than usual tests at school or quizzes here. Looking back from my quizzes, I studied for a total of zero seconds for Calculus I, also zero seconds for Biology, another zero seconds for Introduction to Programming, yet another zero seconds for Basic Korean I (which now I regret), and probably about 20 minutes for each Chemistry quiz. There’s no quiz for Physics yet, and heck, there’s no midterm for Physics. So, I plan to approximately do…

– 20 minutes of study for Calculus I, mostly to review what the definitions are.
– An hour for Biology, mostly to reminding self what things are different from what learned at school.
– 20 minutes for Introduction to Programming, mostly to toy with Python’s quirks.
– An unknown amount of time (probably 3-4 hours in total) for Basic Korean I, because I can’t do languages.
– An unknown amount of time (probably 2-3 hours in total) for Chemistry, because what the heck is Schrodinger’s equation doing in chemistry?!

I mostly plan to get enough sleep though. Even though the exams are at the end of the days (none is before 16.00, and on all days I’ll stay until 22.00), a good sleep is still good. Compare with the scenario of not enough sleep, where I might oversleep and rush to prepare myself to get to the exams…

…oh dammit it’s 25.00 here already. For the uninformed, 25.00 means 01.00 on the next day. I start to keep the time rolling continuously, only subtracting 24 hours (and advancing the day by one) every time I sleep for considerable time.

Ugh anyway. Homework…


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