Special Puzzle 12: Too Hard to Guess My Mind

Mysterious Rules Given the initial puzzle state and the solution, deduce a probable set of rules.

Special Puzzle 12: Mysterious Rules

Special Puzzle 12: Too Hard to Guess My Mind
Mysterious Rules

– Open room B, then close it.
– Open rooms C and E, then close E and C.
– Open rooms B, D, F, then close D and B.
– Open rooms C, E, pass through F, and open G.

Rules (aka answer to the puzzle)

You start from the topmost room. Reach the bottommost room.

In each room, there are two numbers; the cost (in gems) to enter the room and the number of gems inside the room, in that order. (For example, 4/2 means a cost of 4 gems to enter and you get 2 gems upon entering.)

Gems inside the room don’t regenerate; once you take them, they won’t appear again when you come again.

You can close (lock) a room and gain 50% refund. (For example, a room with a cost of 4 gems will refund you 2 gems when you lock it.) You can leave a room without locking it, if you wish.

A room can only be unlocked from the top, and upon locking a room, you must go to a higher room.

So… I’m bored. Here’s the result of my bored mind. I should return to making pencil puzzles…


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