Happy New Year!

Unlike last year, I don’t have any puzzle planned. I’m constructing an LMI test for April or May, and considering that I just finished my first semester of university a week or so ago, I’ve been taking the holiday for my usual computer stuff: programming, browsing the net, playing some games…

So what have I done in 2013?

Education I have completed high school, with satisfactory grades. Apparently not being in the top 1 out of 33 people in my grade (yes, grade, not class; we have so few people) is not considered satisfactory by my mom; oh well. I still consider my grades satisfactory. And I’ve also completed my first semester of my tertiary education in the best university in South Korea, with an acceptable 3.53/4.30 GPA. Screw biology.

Math and computer science I didn’t go to IMO. In Indonesia, people that don’t score medals don’t get invited for next year’s training, but I at the time didn’t plan to go either, considering I need to pass the National Exams and I, like, totally suck at biology. (Turns out I got like 70-80/100 where the passing grade was like 65/100; I’ve already forgotten.) I also found my interest in programming in 2012, and starts to deepen my knowledge. I participated in IPSC with two friends, scoring 96th out of 694 teams. I participated in Codeforces, having various rating fluctuations; clearly my fault is due to not learning C++, which means I won’t really do such programming contests requiring submissions of programs. On another hand, I do Project Euler quite a lot, now reaching 86 problems at the time of this post…

Puzzles Obviously my hobby lies in puzzles. I made one puzzle test, placed in the top 20 in three tests (WPC Practice Test, DWBH, Japanese Puzzle Land 2; also one “unusual” test WPMM), and generally am doing better than 2012. And considering that I’m going to author another test, it’s quite clear that I’m prioritizing puzzles over math or computer science… Yes, I have a target of participating in WPC.

Games Oh, I do so much of these. Besides the long-standing osu! and Tetris Battle, I’m also playing quite a lot of indie games. Most notably Super Hexagon, also known as one of the more cruel games that teases you to “survive 60 seconds to win”. Other games involve Jelly no Puzzle, a fiendishly difficult puzzle game, and plenty more in a site I just discovered recently.

Furriness Gosh why is this category even here. But now that I’ve discovered my furriness and I have a real good friend mnesia (who also drew my characters Sky, Fen, and Vee), safe to say that…err…ugh, I think I made a terrible sentence structure. Let me repeat. I’ve discovered my furriness and I have a real good friend mnesia (who also drew my characters Sky, Fen, and Vee). And oh, I also wrote more words of fiction that I ever did from the previous years, mostly because I do roleplays and short stories.

Eh, that’s all I can think of! Happy New Year, everyone!

Tip: 2014 = 2 \cdot 19 \cdot 53


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