So, this is what I did today.

Original versionEasy versionVersion 1.0AoPS discussion thread

The original version has no instructions (and is intended), although its mechanics is identical to the easy version, which is intended to be easy and has instructions.

So, feedback! Comments, criticisms, suggestions are much appreciated. Also, open for levels and objects suggestions, as long as it can be implemented in the scripting language I use for this, PuzzleScript. (Just suggest anything; I’ll see if it can be implemented.)

(Oh, also, tip. If you get stuck at figuring out the main screen: Wait until it displays the title and with Start Game and so on, then click the applet (to get focus), then press space bar to select. (If you have a previous saved data, you can use arrow keys to choose the menu “Continue”.) The controls are the arrow keys, plus Z for undo and R for restart.)


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