Puzzle 78: Totally Not An Approval

Scrabble Example

Scrabble Example

Scrabble Put some letters into the grid. The words that can be read (a span of two or more letters, preceded and followed by either the edge of the grid or a blank space) must be listed on the right, and no other word can be formed. All letters must form a single connected region.

Expected difficulty EasyAnswerComment/E-mail if you want a solution to be published

Puzzle 78: Scrabble

Puzzle 78: Totally Not An Approval

So Prasanna asked me to testsolve a Scrabble puzzle, with a word bank that resembles a sentence but has broken grammar. I suddenly got the idea for this word bank (which, Prasanna, has a perfect grammar, even if it uses a slang (v.intr. definition #4) 😛 ), and quickly whipped this puzzle in head. Turns out it’s unique, so why not. It’s actually Easy-Medium or something, as it’s not that trivial, but heck whatever.

Aftermath: Prasanna went hyper.

Also I went on to replace Puzzle 5; nobody noticed “the second path goes nowhere” and “the second path leads to freedom” are two contradictory statements?


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