Chess 1: A Long First Step

These chess problems require you to understand the rules of chess. Assume White is on the bottom.

Expected difficulty EasyComment/E-mail if you want a solution to be published

Stipulations a) Is the position legal? b) Move pawn f7 to g7; is the position legal?

EDIT: Puzzle edited on 7 February.

I call this Chess 0. 😛

Yes, with at least one positive feedback, I’m starting to post these. I’m also a relatively newcomer to the field, so my difficulty rating will be based on my current knowledge at the time of the posts. And don’t expect a lot of stuff, since constructing these is way harder than constructing the usual deductive logic puzzle content. Expect more retro chess problems (or perhaps helpmates and similar), those that don’t require thinking like chess players.

Also, I might consider adding a new difficulty rating “Introductory”, which should be self-explanatory. (Retro 0 is Introductory.)


9 thoughts on “Chess 1: A Long First Step

    • I mean it’s a different position, which is derived from that diagram only with a pawn on g7 instead of f7. It doesn’t mean a move of a pawn from f7 to g7.

  1. Okay, this is twice it hasn’t been listed, so I’m asking straight out: are we to ASSUME that White is seated at the bottom of the board and Black at the top? I ask because I’ve seen that ambiguity used as an element in problems like this, and I’m fairly certain that in this case, that ambiguity is something you do NOT intend.

  2. At the risk of making a dumb mistake, I think that both positions are legal. Notation “b) BPf7->g7″ will avoid the confusion associated with the word move. I don’t the position would be legal with the board reversed – too many pawn captures. Thanks so much.


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