Chess 2: Missing Piece

These chess problems require you to understand the rules of chess.

Expected difficulty MediumComment/E-mail if you want a solution to be published

Stipulations a) On what square was the rook on f1 at the beginning of the game? b) What color and piece is on h2 (the black circle)? Mention all pieces that can be on that square. (Just so part a is well-defined, I assure you at least one piece works.)

So here’s another one, which I should say is the best piece I’ve ever composed to date. (Yes, if this is the best piece then you know how beginner I am in compositions.) I might post some problems that aren’t composed by me, but I find interesting nevertheless…


5 thoughts on “Chess 2: Missing Piece

  1. Rich position you have here! (I’m glad that this time the algebraic notation immediately determines which side of the board everyone’s seated on.) Part “a)” I took down quickly, but part “b)” I’m still working my way through. There’s a LOT of ordering going on – I’m suitably impressed.

  2. Bg1 = promoted a2-pawn (Original Bc1 can’t get out) Only promotion-square is f8 or h8
    To f8 is 5 captures all on light squares + exd3 also light square (Black: 9 on board – 6 captures – 1 spare) Last move was g2xf1=R this cost 4 captures from d7 + axb and fxg (White 9 on board – 6 captures – [Bc1] = 16) So the spare is black and can only be Bf8. Now it needs careful play to let bK and wB and bB out, and let wR and wB get to h1 and f1.
    I give you a possibilty, started from PAS (Position At Start)
    1. Na3 Nh6 2. Nb1 Nf5 3. Na3 Nd6 4. Nb1 Nc4 5. Na3 g6 6. Nb1 Na6 7. Na3 Nc5
    8. Nb1 Nb3 9. Na3 Nxc1 10. Nb1 Nb3 11. axb3 Bh6 12. Ra6 Rf8 13. Rb6 axb6
    14. h3 Ra5 15. Nf3 Rd5 16. Ng5 f6 17. Rg1 fxg5 18. Na3 Rf6 19. Qa1 Re6 20.
    Qa2 Kf8 21. bxc4 Qe8 22. cxd5 Qf7 23. dxe6 Ke8 24. exf7+ Kd8 25. Qe6 dxe6
    26. f8=B Bd7 27. Kd1 Bb5 28. Kc1 Bd3 29. exd3 Ke8 30. Be2 Kf7 31. Rf1 Kf6
    32. Bg7+ Kf5 33. Be5 Bg7 34. Bh2 Be5 35. Bg1 Bh2 36. Bg4+ Kf4 37. Bf5 exf5
    38. g3+ Kf3 39. Kd1 Kg2 40. Re1 Kh1 41. Nc4 f4 42. Ne3 f3 43. Ng2 fxg2 44.
    Rf1 gxf1=R+


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