Did I ever say my computer broke like a month or two ago?

I think I forgot to say that here. To be precise, it started from like late January to February; fixed it by buying a new hard disk altogether on 21 February, thus having all my data lost. This includes a good amount of my puzzle images (I still work with Excel, yes, and that single worksheet went away), a good amount of Word documents (I usually have my PDFs published elsewhere, but without the Word it’s going to be some pain to rewrite them in case I want to edit–I’m too perfectionist sometimes), and other things.

Lesson: Back up.

Meanwhile, I’ll point you at this insanity. I haven’t matched that in terms of presentation (although I think I made a couple of insane variants, trying to match other works). Sooo… We’ll see if I have time to squeeze out something. Hey, I’m busy with college life + a future LMI test + Mystery Hunt + [insert other things here]…


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