Puzzle 84: Chopsticks

Hashiwokakero Draw some bridges connecting the islands (circles). Bridges can only run horizontally or vertically, and all islands must be connected (it must be possible to visit any island by using the bridges). Bridges cannot cross each other. Between any two islands, there may be at most two direct bridges connecting them. A number on an island gives the number of bridges connected to that island.

Expected difficulty HardAnswerComment/E-mail if you want a solution to be published

Puzzle 84: Hashiwokakero

Puzzle 84: Chopsticks

Because “hashi” can mean “chopsticks”. Fourth of the rejected series for FAST. The answer key would be “write 1 for every single bridge and 2 for every double bridge that crosses/goes along the marked rows”, with the two bottom rows as marked.

This is probably hard because you need to observe for the opening, a bit like the dreaded Hitori. Afterwards, I’d put it no more than a medium. And I hate making Hashi’s solution image; just check that answer when you’re done or something and guess how I made it.


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