Puzzle 89: Three-Four-Five

Fillomino Read here for instructions.

Expected difficulty MediumAnswerComment/E-mail if you want a solution to be published

Puzzle 89: Fillomino

Puzzle 89: Three-Four-Five

Just a classic Fillomino to fill my blog. No particular reason of why I have that theme; I was constructing the opening and saw that I only used the digits 3,4,5, so I went ahead and set it as the theme. Also, it took me more time to get the particular ending I wanted… Spoiler: [If the place rotationally symmetric to where you did the opening is also where you feel like doing the same trick again, then you get my intention. And yes, I wanted to force both the bottom-left and top-right corners to end in that way.]

Now back to doing homework.


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