Puzzle 90: Antimatter

Dual Masyu Follow regular Masyu rules. This is a loop puzzle: Draw a loop that passes some of the cells such that the loop never touches or crosses itself, the loop only turns on cell centers, and the loop only makes 90-degree turns. The loop must pass all circles. When it passes a white circle, it must go straight, but must turn either before or after (or both). When it passes a black circle, it must turn, but must go straight both before and after it.

Additionally, this puzzle is two in one; it has two solutions that are coupled in the following way. Gray circles are two circles that have different colors in the two puzzles; if a gray circle acts as a white circle in one puzzle, then it must be black in the other, and vice versa. (In either puzzle, two gray circles may act as one white and one black; they don’t need to act as the same color.)

Expected difficulty MediumAnswerComment/E-mail if you want a solution to be published

Puzzle 90: Dual Masyu

Puzzle 90: Antimatter
Dual Masyu

No particular comment; just toying with interesting things.


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