Puzzle 91: Margin of Error

Heteromino Divide the white squares into polyominoes of size 3 such that no two identical polyominoes that are also identically oriented are orthogonally adjacent.

Expected difficulty HardAnswerComment/E-mail if you want a solution to be published

Puzzle 91: Heteromino

Puzzle 91: Margin of Error

Oh yay I’m alive.

There we go. Recently I got the inspiration of Heteromino with a two-cell wide empty border. A 10×10 doesn’t seem to work, since I only have 6×6 space to work with the black cells, but a 14×14 looks good. Besides, I can say “here’s the 10×10 puzzle, and in case you need it, here’s two-cell margin of error around the grid if you’re stuck or something”.

…yes, I appear to be terribly uninspired for titling puzzles.

Also, I appear to start playing Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. It’s free to play, although getting the in-game currency to get more cards might be a little hard.


2 thoughts on “Puzzle 91: Margin of Error

  1. Argh… I had a good start, but it all went horribly wrong in the middle…

    I’ve played the Pokemon TCGO too… seems like you have to open 100 packs to get enough for a decent deck, though, and I don’t want to pay that much for an online game…

    How did you like the Genius finale?

    • It is a difficult puzzle, so yeah.

      At the moment I have a slightly decent deck. Still not good enough, but at least playable. I still need to scour for cards.

      The Genius finale? At the moment I saw the items split 8:3, I knew Dongmin would win. Doesn’t help that I had spoiled myself with the rules, seeing how Betting RPS was there with how the knowledge was distributed. It was enjoyable though. I should write something about Same Number Hunt some time; I got a decent strategy that doesn’t revolve on memorizing the entire grid initially…


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