Puzzle 94: Writer Block

Cross the Streams Shade some of the cells black so that all black cells are connected and no 2×2 square is entirely shaded black. The clues outside the grid gives the contents of the corresponding row/column, reading from left to right and from top to bottom. A number means a group of consecutive black cells; two different groups in the same row/column must be separated by at least one white cell. A question mark indicates a single group of unknown size; an asterisk indicates an unknown number of groups (which may differ in size, and there might be no group at all).

Expected difficulty HardAnswerComment/E-mail if you want a solution to be published

Puzzle 94: Cross the Streams

Puzzle 94: Writer Block
Cross the Streams

Yay, I’m back. Actually, this might be temporary as well; I’m not sure why I don’t feel the same interest on making puzzles as I had a few years ago, but let’s hope I can still trickle out puzzles occasionally. (The title is a reference on that. Just back from writer block, if this is considered writing. Better than a title like “Logical”, at least.)

Meanwhile, I’ve been playing several “programming” games. I’ve completed SpaceChem (finished all obligatory puzzles for the story) a few months back; I got my hands on TIS-100 which I recently completed (but with the upcoming bonus campaign I’ll have several more puzzles to do); I’m redoing Manufactoria after I realized I haven’t completed it. Those might be not exactly the kind of puzzles that you (as in people that enjoy pencil puzzles like this) like, but who knows.


2 thoughts on “Puzzle 94: Writer Block

  1. Just wanted to voice my appreciation for this puzzle, after being stumped for a while with a mostly empty grid, I found the unusual break-in that I don’t recall seeing before in this type.

    I played through most of Spacechem a few years back, and am very interested in picking up TIS-100 once it leaves Early Access. Thanks for the link to Manufactoria, have had a great time with it, several ‘aha’ moments while figuring out new techniques and algorithms..

    As an aside, my wife is a long-time CSD player and recognizes your username from the weekly leaderboards – we might want to pick your brain for a little technique advice, if you’re willing.. 🙂

    • As Prasanna said during testsolving, “really cool”. Yes, the break-in is so unusual that I’m not even sure how it came to me.

      I would already suggest to pick up TIS-100 now; it’s fairly complete already, unless if you’re waiting for a sale. There’s also Jahooma’s LogicBox, Infinifactory, and plenty more from Zachtronics, but indeed it’s a rather rare genre.

      I do play CSD fairly often. I’m a rather fast typist, so that surely helps. For Weekly Challenges, memorizing the required recipes is pretty important as well, but it’s more about arranging everything so that you pick up everything smoothly, doing the right amount of stuff while things are cooking, etc. I should try capturing a video of my plays, but screencapturing is hard. For the campaign, just memorize some of the difficult recipes (or train them; you’ll get muscle memory with that), and pick foods that you’re more comfortable with. Cycle between 8-9 foods only (each day you’ll replace 3 out, less if you can hold staple foods), if you feel too many food is hard.


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