I bought Dominion. That’s the first Eurogame I’ve bought. Okay, I played a bunch of other Eurogames before at a board game shop (while they are opening and hence playing is free; they didn’t have Dominion, though), but none of them was bought. On retrospect, I should have bought some; they are probably cheaper than this $40 for Dominion, but oh well.

Here as college (university, whatever) students, we need break time. While I do play computer games and what else often, sometimes it’s good to play board games with friends. This has never been a regularity until when I brought Saboteur and Bang! from home, though; added with Catan that my friend bought and the usual French deck of cards for some general fun, we started playing regularly.

At some point, we discussed about buying another game, because why not. A few came to my mind. Carcassonne was rejected by a friend because he has played it and it wasn’t fun. I didn’t even propose Paperback because nobody would play an English-heavy game. I played Quantum on Board Game Arena quite often, and I enjoyed it, but it’s probably difficult to teach. Also, it’s awfully expensive on the online market here, and international shipping is equally expensive. Other Eurogames didn’t quite come to my mind, so we settled with Dominion. It was initially mostly a joke, but the more I thought of it, the more I wanted to get my hands on a physical copy of it. Also, it would be the first time ever I bought a Eurogame.

And thus the deed was done. I actually ordered it a few days ago, and it arrived yesterday. It will be left there until the midterm week (next week) is done, though, because my friends are busy studying. (I’m also studying, but not as much; after all, I’m still typing this post.) Let’s just hope I don’t have the impulse to buy much more and drained my money that’s supposed to be for my life here…

Also, just because, I observed that the most common confusion for novice Dominion players is the text “+1 Action” (and “+2 Actions”). Most players think that you need to pause your resolution on that card to play another action immediately. (It actually means you get one extra Action you can use later in the turn, but you need to finish the card first before using it.) Which just means I should play my first game with some tokens to represent Actions and Buys.


4 thoughts on “Dominion

  1. I found that Munchkin was really fun with friends in college, although maybe that’s too much reading.

    Is Dominion really a “eurogame”? It was created by an American, and hardly matches the old worker-placement or resource-collection gameplay. I know it has victory points, but surely that’s not everything…

    • Oh, right, there are Munchkin and Fluxx. If I had remembered either of them, I might have considered them; they are fun games to spend time. They have high random chance, though, so it’s not exactly right up my alley. The main reason I picked Dominion was that a friend knew and liked that game, hence why not; other games need to be introduced to them first, and they might all dislike it, which makes it a bad purchase.

      I’d consider Dominion an eurogame. It has an unusual, novel mechanic; it has low random chance (okay, Wikipedia says medium); it looks simple on the surface but has a nice depth into it (but not too much as chess). And it features the name of the designer prominently on the box.

  2. We have Dominion at our uni’s boardgames club. Good fun. I think boardgames are as fun as the people you’re playing them with. Getting harder to find boardgamers these days.


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