Year-End Post???

Boy, I neglected this blog for so long. What did I do this year? In no particular order…

1 August: I made Rock, Paper, Scissors, which is probably my best game to date aesthetically. I still need to learn spriting. This one took quite a good amount of tinkering and spanned over the first half of my summer break (the entire July). Level design is hard.

31 December (yes, literally yesterday): I finished making JAM3 Game, a match-3 game that is as far away as Candy Crush Saga as I can make it. About four hours of development spanning over three or so days.

12 October: I bought Dominion. Three days later (after midterms were done), I played it with friends for the first time; people were instantly hooked. Three days later I ordered Dominion: Intrigue. Fast forward two months; on 9 December, my orders on Dominion: Seaside and Dominion: Prosperity arrived. We managed to sneak in several plays after final exams, before my friends gone back for winter break. I still hope they will get the deserved amount of plays during the next semester.

14 August: My interest on board games began, after for the first time coming to a board game store/meetup with a friend. I started browsing for board games, contemplating to buy them for a ridiculous amount of time, and bugging my friends to consider them as well. So far I’ve only thrown my money on those four, but I am indeed considering to buy some more again over this winter break.

7 November: My best relative performance on a puzzle test: Snake Variations Contest 2015, ranking 5th. If I have the time and money, I’d certainly like to actually do puzzle tests like World Puzzle Championship or 24-Hour Puzzle Championship, to actually compare myself with the world.

30 December: My provisional grades for this semester were out. I’m certainly very proud of two particular courses: Computation Theory (99.8%) and Introduction to Graph Theory (98.6%). Newfound love of graph theory. I did know I liked computation theory before taking the course, though; after all, I did have my Games are Hard page.

16 January: MIT Mystery Hunt happened. The only puzzle I made was Polyglot, but I contributed to several other puzzles; I forgot which ones. My memory is apparently terrible.

As betaveros pointed out: 9 December: I told the entire world about my kinks (might be considered NSFW).

I can’t remember other particular things I did in 2015. Oh well.

Well, good bye 2015, welcome 2016.


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