Many Tiny Puzzles

With me considering to clean up my blog (see previous post), plus all sorts of other distractions, I might not post new puzzles for some more time. (As if you waiting almost two years weren’t enough.)

proper puzzles, that is. I’m in a Discord server. For some reason, it’s much easier for me to post puzzles over there. Probably part of it is the fact that I don’t need to make a proper blog post or something. Probably part of it is because the puzzles I posted were all tiny, not even over 5×5. But now that I get around to it, have all that I have so far!

Regular Fillomino rules: Divide the grid into several regions, then put a number in each cell that is equal to the area of the region containing the cell. All existing givens must be correct. (A region may contain any number of existing givens.) In addition, if two equal numbers share a side, they must belong to the same region; in other words, no two regions of same area may share any square side. (They may touch diagonally.)

Tetromino Slitherlink Place a number from 0, 1, 2, 3 to each shaded cell so each tetromino contains each number exactly once. Then solve the resulting Slitherlink: Draw a loop along cell borders so the loop only moves between orthogonally adjacent circles and never touches or crosses itself. A number indicates the number of sides of that cell that belong to the loop.


Tetromino Slitherlink


(Yes, this time it’s two puzzles for the same ruleset. You can flood-fill those borders.)

Tetromino Fillomino Follow regular Fillomino rules. In addition, divide the shaded cells into several tetrominoes. Each tetromino contains different numbers. (This is just the Tetromino variant of Tetromino Slitherlink added into Fillomino.)


(Yes, the white cells form a tetromino too; don’t be confused.)

Egg Hunt Divide the grid into several regions (along the grid lines). Each region must contain at least one circle, and it must also be rotationally symmetric including the pattern of the circles.


(This is a variant of Spiral Galaxies. This genre is simple enough that it probably has appeared somewhere, but I’m too lazy to search. Also, this is made one day after Easter, so it’s mostly inspired from egg hunts. If anyone knows a more popular name for this genre, that would be great.)

Non-congruent Fillomino Follow regular Fillomino rules. In addition, no two regions are congruent (they can be translated/rotated/reflected to get the other).


(Did I say tiny puzzles? Well, this one isn’t. Someone in the channel made a puzzle, but that was aesthetically not pleasing, so I tried tweaking it. This is the result. I also find that the solve path becomes more interesting; the first third or so is identical to the original, but the rest is completely different.)

So yes, puzzles I’ve made; I think those are more or less all that I can remember. Time to get around to cleaning the blog…

By the way, I reserved A Skymin’s Musings on Blogspot. Partially to restart the blog (again; it’s probably the fifth time or something), partially to try Blogspot, partially just because.


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