Rock, Paper, Scissors

If you kept track of my (easily stalk-able) activity on the net, you would probably have noticed that I’ve released another PuzzleScript game, Rock, Paper, Scissors.


A game about another game. The popular rock, paper, scissors game in which it’s harder to beat a more stupid (read: randomized) opponent than a smarter (read: adaptive) opponent. A game about how rocks are heavy, paper is sticky, and scissors are sharp. A game that makes some people complain how on earth a paper can beat a rock. A game with over 50* puzzling levels.

* Only 18 levels, but 17 of them have technically 3 objectives each.

Feedback is always welcome!

On that note, I might be planning for RPS2, a sequel of this with a few more objects and thus more interactions. Feel free to suggest objects to appear in it! (Please also give some explanation on how it fits in the game, for example by giving how it interacts with the three main elements rock, paper, and scissors.) Who knows, maybe I like your suggestion enough to get it in!



12345 Sample Gameplay

12345, a puzzle game where 2+2=3 and 5+5=0. Merge boxes and utilize special blocks to achieve a perfect cover.

Original GameEasy Version • v1.0

This game is now released! Get through 30 mind-boggling levels with quirky mechanics! (But intuitive once you get it. Some levels are intended to be difficult due to discovering the mechanics first.)

Sequels are possible. You can also contribute, sending your ideas (levels/objects) to me, which might get included in official sequels. You can even create your own spin-off if you want!


So, this is what I did today.

Original versionEasy versionVersion 1.0AoPS discussion thread

The original version has no instructions (and is intended), although its mechanics is identical to the easy version, which is intended to be easy and has instructions.

So, feedback! Comments, criticisms, suggestions are much appreciated. Also, open for levels and objects suggestions, as long as it can be implemented in the scripting language I use for this, PuzzleScript. (Just suggest anything; I’ll see if it can be implemented.)

(Oh, also, tip. If you get stuck at figuring out the main screen: Wait until it displays the title and with Start Game and so on, then click the applet (to get focus), then press space bar to select. (If you have a previous saved data, you can use arrow keys to choose the menu “Continue”.) The controls are the arrow keys, plus Z for undo and R for restart.)