I’m chaotic_iak, which is the same chaotic_iak as you’ll find in many other places. This is my most current blog, even though it’s currently pretty deserted, whoops. I’m an Indonesian, currently living in South Korea. If you need my real name, I suppose it’s really easy to find it by searching.

This blog hosts various unrelated tidbits about my thoughts that are coherent enough to make a blog post. I know that most of these longish-but-not-so-themed content would be better suited in Tumblr, but I don’t find managing too many things interesting. Perhaps the only reason I use a blog instead of Tumblr is because of all the puzzle blogs.

Yes, puzzles. I love puzzles. I enjoy a specific subset the most, however. I’m not sure if they have any distinguishing name, but I’d personally call them “culture-neutral pencil puzzles”. Think of Sudoku and all those stuff, minus crossword. I construct my own puzzles; take a look at them.

You will also see a lot of mathematics, some computer science, and a light programming. I’ve been indulging in math since I was young, and I knew I had a talent in math since sixth grade (11 years old) when I (almost) went to International Mathematical and Science Olympiad. (That’s a competition for primary school students, not to be confused with International Mathematical Olympiad. I did go there but much later.) I’ve been programming since sixth grade as well, but I only knew about competitive programming (and computer science) at around eleventh grade (16 years old), when I was in a training camp for IMO. Right now, my main interests lie on combinatorial game theory and theory of computation; the latter has one of the Millennium Problems while the former is a young field with not many researchers in it.

I also love gaming. There are a bunch of games I play. There are video games; most of them fall as puzzle games (recent interests include Snakebird, Sokobond, and SpaceChem, among others), but there are some other stuff thrown in (Cook, Serve, Delicious!, osu!, and the Touhou Project series, et cetera). There are also non-video games; I visit Board Game Arena often, and I also like playing certain board games such as Catan and Dominion.

To mix them all together, I also make puzzle video games. Thanks to PuzzleScript, I can put less attention on graphics (which I don’t like) and put more on mechanics and fun levels (which I like). I’ve created several games: 12345, Repel, Rock, Paper, Scissors, and JAM3 Game.

And on a completely unrelated note, I’m a furry. I’m active on FurryMUCK and Tapestries MUCK (NSFW?). (But have fun searching what character(s) I play there.) I lurk on Fur Affinity.

That’s all, I suppose. If you want to ask me questions, feel free to comment here (or the corresponding post on this blog if it’s about something related to it). You can also e-mail me, if you solve the puzzle to the right.


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