Because it’s terrible to browse my puzzles by using only Puzzles category or Pencil Puzzles category, I’ve decided to make a catalog of all pencil puzzles in this blog (non-pencil puzzles not cataloged because there are too few of them now and they are all bad at the current condition). This page obviously is full of links; I’ll consider breaking it into subpages, but probably not in any foreseeable future. Some links may lead to a not-found error, because they are planned for future puzzles that I know the exact date of posting (and hence the exact URL).

Up to date as of 25 July 2015.

Numbered puzzles

The main series

From the Archives

Puzzles originally appearing elsewhere

Fancy Fillomino February

28 Fillomino variations for each day of February 2013

Deception Preview Puzzles

Preview of my LMI puzzle test Deception

Special Puzzles

The weirder puzzles


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