Puzzle 11: Yajilin

Yajilin. Shade in black cells and make a loop visiting all remaining white cells (not including clue cells). Black cells may not be orthogonally adjacent; each clue cell points at the number of black cells in the direction of the arrow, passing over other clue cells. Should be some kind of easy.

Puzzle 11: Yajilin

First, I attempted to make exactly identical clues symmetrically (see R1C4 and R10C7, R4C7 and R7C4). But then I got stuck because it’s just impossible to put a 3-clue, putting a 0-clue kinda gives stuffs for long lines, and I just got bored. Hence the given result. Yes, symmetrical givens because it’s quite easy making that in Yajilin.

To keep you entertained, there will be two more puzzles, each appearing in 12 hours after the latest one. If I manage to construct another before all puzzles are released, then there will be more this weekend.


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