Puzzle 36: Fillomino Party! Part 1!

LITS Fillomino. Follow usual Fillomino rules. However, there can be no number 4 in the grid; all 4-minoes are replaced by L,I,T,S shapes. All LITS shapes must form a single connected polyomino, no two identical LITS shapes may be adjacent (including after rotation and/or reflection), and no 2×2 region may be completely used by LITS shapes. Basically a cross between Fillomino and LITS that’s invented by mathgrant.

Welcome to my Fillomino party! I’m Shaymin, your host. I’m not sure why I get to host this while some polyomino can be chosen instead, but whatever.
So… You will be served three Fillomino puzzles. To avoid getting too full, we will serve each puzzle 12 hours after the previous, so you will get a 24-hour party. Neat!
Here’s your first puzzle. I heard that this genre is invented by some foxy animal, although I’m sure he’s not a Vulpix or something. Seriously, I can’t recall any Pokemon which is fox-like and is cyan…err, wait, he’s not a Pokemon? Okay then.
This one should be a medium meal. After all, you have 12 hours to digest it before your second meal.

Puzzle 36: Fillomino Party! Part 1!
LITS Fillomino

Yes. Fillomino party. Over the next 24 hours, you will be presented a total of 3 Fillomino puzzles…or probably variants.

This one is a gift for betaveros, for solving Puzzles 34-35. Two spots left! No, the other two puzzles aren’t gifts for Puzzles 34-35 solvers.

Finals in 3 days. Why am I still making puzzles? Sigh.


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